Monday, November 23, 2015

Peanut Harvest

I love agriculture!  As we have traveled across the country, it is always interesting to see the crops that are a big part of our life and how they are grown and harvested.
Here in the South, peanuts are a huge part of the ag scene.  I read somewhere that most of the peanuts in the world are grown within about a 50 mile radius of our house.
  Peanuts look a lot like potatoes when they are growing in the field.  Sometime in October or November, a special rake turns the plants over so that the peanuts from under the ground can dry in the fall sunshine.

Then the harvesting equipment and big trucks and bins arrive on the scene.
Multiple trucks and harvesters work every field when the peanuts are ready.  The peanuts go to the processing plant, and then the baler arrives to bale the peanut vines into hay for animal feed.  
Every part of the peanut plant packs a big protein punch!  It's fun to watch the harvest in the fields that surround our lakefront community near Eufaula, Alabama.
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