Monday, March 21, 2016

The Murals Of Dothan

Dothan, Alabama, is the nearest large city near our property on Lake Eufaula.  The historic city of Eufaula, AL, has most everything we need, but if we want to see a movie or need something not found in Eufaula, we head to Dothan.  By taking back roads, we've found a way to get all the way into the city without ever stopping for a traffic light and have shaved our miles to town down to 53.

Murals of pioneer life and the history of Dothan can be found throughout the historic core of the city.
Peanuts are a big part of the Dothan culture.  I read somewhere that more than half of the peanuts that are grown in the world are grown within 50 miles of Dothan.
Fort Rucker
There are many more - come to this friendly area and enjoy the multifaceted culture.

Dock for the house at #12 County Line Rd, Georgetown, GA
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